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The FCA Manhattan Cup has become the premier inshore fishing tournament in the Northeast and the largest catch-and-release tournament in the tri-state area.

Centered in New York Harbor, this striped bass tournament has received widespread acclaim and publicity, including television coverage from ESPN, CNBC, Fox News, Channel 9 News, the WB 11 Morning Show, The Metro Channel, and eFishing TV.

Press coverage and feature articles have appeared in: the New York Times, The Daily News, The New York Post, The Newark Star Ledger, Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, Saltwater Sportsman, The Fisherman, Nor’ East, Tide, Reel-Time, Striper Nation, The Fishing Line, The Staten Island Register, and Northeast Angling.

Tournament participants represent a veritable who’s who of Wall Street and the “pro fishing” circuit. We are positioning this year’s Manhattan Cup to receive the largest media coverage to date and are currently inviting companies to be part of this event.

Sponsorship Levels Opportunities

Presenting Sponsorship
(limited to one sponsor)
As a Presenting Sponsor, the tournament will be officially called “The FCA Manhattan Cup presented by…” and your company will be linked to the premier inshore fishing tournament in the Northeast. There are no events like this that even come close.Your company logo appear every place that the Manhattan Cup Name or logo appears. Your logo will be embroidered or silk screened on every piece of tournament clothing, hats, jackets, etc. Every time the tournament is referred to for media and official designation, it will be the FCA Manhattan Cup presented by… In addition your companies logo, slogan, and or message message on the back cover of the tournament rulebook distributed to every competitor on the day of the event. All posters, banners and flyers will include this sponsorship designation. you will receive top placement for your product or service at the event. $30,000 Cash.

Live Release Division Sponsor
(may be broken down by division for a total or 3 sponsors)
This year we will feature cash prizes* for the 3 largest Striped Bass caught and kept alive using a Striper Tube, or FLW Keep Alive Box only. Using these special devices a Striped Bass may be kept alive and in good health for several hours and can be weighed in and released alive! Your company will receive excellent exposure during the presentation of a “Giant Check” made out to the winners presented by your company. $3500 is rewarded as prize money. These “giant Check” photographs have been some of the most requested & interesting photographs to the media outlets. $5000 Cash Donation only.

Awards Party Sponsor
(limited to one sponsor – may be tailored to fit your request)
This year’s awards ceremony will be held at Liberty Landing Marina right on the Hudson River. The dinner will be the highlight of this year’s tournament and we expect a number of special guests and musicians to raise the excitement bar even higher. $15,000 Cash Donation.

Tournament Kick-Off Breakfast & Captains Meeting Sponsor
The pre-launch breakfast is for all captains and participants and will set the tone for the day. As soon as participants and captains arrive, they are greeted with a delicious breakfast overlooking the marina. It’s here, where teams meet with their captains and go over the rules of the tournament. A “Bimini”start in the Hudson River with a Helicopter flying overhead captures the the River literally turn “white with Foam” This signifies the beginning of the tournament. $3000 Cash Donation.

Box Lunch Sponsor Partnership
(limited to one sponsor)
All Captains and participants will receive a delicious box lunch supplied by “Top Chef” Tom Colicchio’s ‘wichcraft (no soggy PP&J here). All box lunches will be distributed to each boat before the start of the tournament. This is a great for your company to join ‘wichraft to sponsor this company that wants to “feed the masses”. This is also a great opportunity to place your companies logo on the boxes themselves.(stickers only) $5,000 cash donation. ($8,000 in certain product considered)

Divisional Trophy Awards
Two Trophies Awarded For Each Species ( Striped Bass & Bluefish) In Each Division For A Total Of 12 Trophies In All. The Divisions Are: Fly, Artificial, Bait As an example, the trophies will be prepared as such: One trophy for- Largest Striped Bass caught in FLY division by an angler and one presented to the captain as “Guide To Largest Striped Bass On Fly, and so on for the two other divisions, Artificial & Bait. Two species, six trophies. ($4500 Cash contribution for each Division or $6,000 of product may be considered)

Celebrity Angler Division
(limited to one sponsor)
Every year the “Cup” attracts a wide array of celebrities, past winners have been Hall of fame Baseball player Wade Boggs, “The Big Man”Clarence Clemmons- E Street Sax Player, Jim “Crash” Jensen Miami Dolphin, just to name a few. The same SIX Trophy format applies as above, one for Celebrity & one for Capt. in each division, Fly, Bait, Artificial, however, this is a Striped Bass only trophy. $5000.00

High Hook Angler Award
(limited to one sponsor)
The High Hook Award consists of two trophies, commemorative art, awarded to the individual angler and captain with the most striped bass caught and released. $1,500 (cash only)

Smallest Striper Award
(limited to one sponsor)
The Smallest Striper Award consists of two trophies awarded to the angler and captain for the smallest striped bass caught and released. $1,500 (cash only) & Includes Two Bottles Of “Evans William” Kentucky Bourbon in which to enlarge the fish caught in ones memory! One for the captain & One for the Angler!

Sport-fish Boat Division Award
(limited to one sponsor)
The Sport-fish Division Award consists of two trophies awarded to the angler and captain on a private boat for the largest striped bass caught and released. $1,500 (cash only)

Conservation Award
(Also Known As The Public Service Award)
This award is selected by the FCA Board and presented to a person or company who demonstrates a selfless generosity and willingness to give back to the conservation effort in the marine environment. Past award recipients have been Brad Burns, Stripers Forever, Robert Rich, Jr. – Rich products, Rollie Smitten – NOAA fisheries, Andrew Wilner- NY/NJ Baykeeper, and Richard Reagan – Norcross Wildlife Foundation. $1,500 (cash only)

Product Sponsorship
(limited to ten)
Product sponsors will be awarded display set-up space at the event, “Tournament Bag” insertion opportunities, and exclusive company name/logo branding on official commemorative Cup apparel. (Minimum contribution of $5,000 of products or services.)

Corporate Sponsorship
Please contact the FCA Manhattan Cup to discuss how your product or contribution may qualify for corporate sponsorship and its benefits. Nothing too small here applies, because it all helps!

Sponsors Entitlements for Each Sponsor Level
(Unless specifically noted previously)

  • Website:
    Your company logo and Internet link will be on the www.manhattancup.com website as well as the www.joinfca.org website FCA website for as long as there is an FCA! We obviously after a few years we will have to archive some of the information.
  • Tournament Rule Book:
    All sponsor levels: All sponsors will receive one quarter, one half or one full page ad in the Manhattan Cup Journal depending on the level of sponsorship and the available space based on deadlines, ad content and quality.
  • T-Shirt:
    Your company logo will be displayed on the back of the tournament t-shirt. Your exposure will continue as participants continue to wear this shirt after the tournament. All participants will receive a tournament T-shirt on the day of the event.
  • Banner:
    Your company logo will be placed on the Tournament Banner. The banner will be prominently displayed throughout the day and night at Chelsea Brewery. Photographs will be taken in front of the banner.
  • Tournament Rule Book:
    Your company logo will be displayed in the tournament rulebook distributed to every competitor on the day of the event. Camera-ready artwork must be received by May,1

The FCA want’s everyone to know that when your company could, it did stand up and support the Fishermen’s Conservation Association, the Manhattan Cup and the conservation effort in general, and we know you will again, whenever possible!

So as a way of saying thank you, we will make sure that every Manhattan Cup Archive has that years sponsors, their logo’s and their links, up and active.

Ad Specs for the Journal

For a full page ad – 8.5 x 11 trim with at least 1/8″ bleed. Files can be submitted in any format, but a high resolution PDF will ensure enough resolution in the images and will have all fonts embedded.

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