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The Fisherman’s Conservation Association (FCA) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote the “Conservation Triad”: Access, Habitat, and Fisheries Management. Financial support of FCA directly benefits New York, New Jersey and Connecticut’s marine waters.

The association’s immediate priorities include fighting the proposed dumping of toxic waste in Jamaica Bay, illegal poaching, beach access and Striped Bass Game fish Status in New York (see enclosed Southwick Study).

Association (FCA)

More specifically we have developed and implemented the following programs:

  • Hooked For A Lifetime
    Our “Hooked For A Lifetime” fishing program for children, teaching inner city kids and children with autistic disabilities that fishing can be a great way to have fun. Not only do we teach children where, when and how to fish, we also send them home with all the materials and equipment they need to continue enjoying what they were taught and exposed to at the program. Each child receives a rod, reel and tackle box with tackle and “How To” guide. By getting kids “Hooked on Fishing” we are establishing a generation of future stewards of the resource.
  • FCA Montauk Slam Redbone Celebrity Tournament
    We host the annual FCA Montauk Slam Redbone Celebrity Tournament Series, one of 26 worldwide events which raise funds for the cure for Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Annual Manhattan Cup Tournament
    We designed and host the annual Manhattan Cup, the Tri-State area’s largest catch and release fishing tournament, attracting anglers from all over the country and promoting catch and release; the cornerstone of fishing conservation. The Manhattan Cup raises Public awareness that big cities can support some of the best fishing in the country, and are in need of protection against pollution and other perils of urban sprawl.
  • Surf Fishing Seminars
    Annual surf fishing seminars on the beach to educate anglers of all ages and expose them to the wonderful resource we have and make them aware that it is worthy and in need of protection. This should garner future participation, and thus support the cause.
  • Beach Clean-ups
    Beach clean-ups in an effort to improve the environment and the public image of recreational anglers. Our beach clean-ups have collected from a few hundred pounds of debris to over a thousand pounds of debris at each event. Proving that they are givers, not only takers from the resource.
  • Access
    Have worked successfully with NYC Park Dept. officials to improve angler access in NYC Park beaches. By creating awareness of fishing in general we exposed them to how many saltwater anglers we have in each community and gained unprecedented access. When anglers were recently denied access in Sheepshead Bay and Red Hook, FCA met with NYC officials and eased access restrictions, securing anglers’ rights to fish.
  • Habitat
    Work with other conservation and environmental groups to enhance and protect our vital marine resources. Specifically we have attended and spoke at recent LNG proposal meetings and made clear that there is no room for any project that would damage the habitat and our marine resources.
  • Fisheries
    Currently we are complainants in a lawsuit against the ASMFC that would establish coast wide management limits for summer flounder. Summer flounder is the only species not managed on a coast wide basis, and current regulations are discriminatory between the States. We were an active voice representing recreational anglers in issues including weakfish, striped bass commercial rollovers, CITES listing for bluefin tuna and maintaining the current cap on the menhaden “reduction fleet.”

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